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Sorry, but Counter Strike GO sucks

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User Info: blade6321

4 years ago#121
Orestes417 posted...
And I've yet to see a valid reason for it not to be integrated into the series by now other than we're too attached to the past to tolerate adaptation. As for dealing with campy mccamperpants sitting ADS'd watching a door, I'm pretty sure I just got done saying defenders have a natural advantage. That said, dealing with campers is nothing new in the FPS world.

It brings nothing.

You're literally saying that if a feature is new, yet does nothing to improve the series, perhaps make it slower paced even, it should be added because why not?

The balance of the game would have to be reworked- and for what?

Not every game needs iron sights- CS is one particular example.

Do you think Quake 3 arena is boring and should be updated with iron sights too?
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User Info: Orestes417

4 years ago#122
I'd expect that if they made a new Quake they'd update it accordingly with new concepts and shocker of shockers they did! Quake IV *did* bring new things to the table. So did Quake Wars. See it's possible to not make the same goddamned game multiple times with no real progress.
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User Info: blade6321

4 years ago#123
Orestes417 posted...
I'd expect that if they made a new Quake they'd update it accordingly with new concepts and shocker of shockers they did! Quake IV *did* bring new things to the table. So did Quake Wars. See it's possible to not make the same goddamned game multiple times with no real progress.

Yeah but adding in iron sights would still be a terrible idea and bring nothing to the series.

Just because change CAN be good, doesn't mean ANY change is good.

CS GO isn't a sequel, just a remake in a new engine with modern aethsteics and stuff, so people can play the same game but with new tech. Nobody wants another boring modern shooter called CS 2.0

CS GO is exactly what it claims to be (besides like I said a few patches).

Same gameplay
New engine and graphics
New MM, steam integration skins etc

Like 1.6 is pretty obsolete bar a map or two that isn't ported over.
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User Info: Marioface5

4 years ago#124
ITT: "I don't like game, game should be changed to be like other games that I do like because my opinion is important and I must like all things or else they are bad."

If you don't like CS, don't play it. Play games you do like, and let the people who like CS the way it is enjoy it. CS games count for two of Steam's top ten most-played games, so it's pretty obvious that they're doing something right. It's good when developers aren't foolish enough to pander to people who don't like their game. Valve's focusing on the people they should be focusing on: the people who enjoy what they make.
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User Info: Logical_One

4 years ago#125
Shebeskii posted...
For example:

Why no iron sights?

This is easy to answer for any long time serious player.

The lack of iron sights increases the skill ceiling on precision shots. Why is this important?

Because CS is a very choke point based game. The maps are designed around choke points. Why is the game designed around choke points?

Because the game works on team placement, or the assignment of team members to strategic points based on these choke points.

The lack of iron sights balances out the attacker-defender dynamic. Defenders would have a massive advantage with more precision to all weapons. You'd have to rework everything, and it may never make sense given the mechanics of the mouse and the skill of players.

There's also the fact that CS relies on ROTATION. If a choke, or multiple chokes are reasonably guarded, the attacker can ROTATE and force movement. Now the attacker, who has planted the alternative bomb site, is actually the defender. The defense mechanic flips to the opposing team and remains balanced.

As an aside, the lack of iron sights also allows for fast response time and quick management of team positioning. Everyone is always aware of their surroundings and anyone making positioning changes is lethal and aware. It increases communication and general team awareness. To balance this out snipers are in near tunnel vision with mediocre mobility.

The lack of iron sights allows a dynamic shift in the control of space. Space can be controlled, but not with an iron fist (pun not intended). The AWP takes this role of complete lock down, and requires money and team investment to maintain, especially in an even game.



I think we're done.
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User Info: DaedalusEx

4 years ago#126
lol @ people in this topic acting like ADS is an objective improvement to the genre.

User Info: LazyyAmerican

4 years ago#127
Moar skrillez with my ADS please
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User Info: sirtonne

4 years ago#128
Shooters in general are made for the lowest common demoninator. They're like the Hollywood action blockbusters of games.

User Info: 1618dude

4 years ago#129
Huh. Usually, when there's a game that I don't like it, I just get over and play something else. It's seems some people still have trouble in doing that and to make things worst, they complain about it and annoy the hell out of people that disagree with their opinions. That's very interesting, I guess. I suppose I'll try to do that when I find a game that I no longer enjoy.

User Info: daemon_dan

4 years ago#130
Lemur_H posted...
jayj420 posted...
Lemur_H posted...
420? Opinion invalid.

Why should I listen to a lemur?

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I always thought it was for Herpes
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