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Upgrading for the 1st time (help needed)

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User Info: gaming_yakuza

4 years ago#1
So my GTX 580 has died on me and I was thinking of upgrading anyway so I was wondering what is considered the current best value vs performance on graphics cards?

I don't know whether i should upgrade other areas too, do any of my specs look like they need upgrading to cope with the latest games:

1536MB EVGA GTX 580 SC, 797MHz GPU 512 Cores, 4050MHz GDDR5
Intel Core i7 2600K, 3.4Ghz, Quad Core, 8Mb Cache, Hyperthreading
16GB (4x4GB) Corsair Vengeance - DDR3 1600Mhz
Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3P - Intel Z68
650W Corsair HX Series, Modular

Any suggestions as to what I should upgrade to?

User Info: Eli_Sama

4 years ago#2
HD 7970 ghz edition
Asrock 970 DE3/U3S3 \ M12 II Bz 520w / Ballistik 12Gb DDR3 / Ocz 64Gb SSD / HDD 500Gb / XFX HD 7950 3Gb BE Oc / FX 8150 / Hyper Evo 212 / Haf 932 Advanced

User Info: Slayn

4 years ago#3
Eli_Sama posted...
HD 7970 ghz edition

Pretty much, yes.
You can buy a $500 console and a $500 computer and have two crap machines, or you can spend $1000 building your own computer and have the best of both worlds.
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