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30 years on, do you think the Gaming crash of 1983 could happen again?

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  3. 30 years on, do you think the Gaming crash of 1983 could happen again?

User Info: EGMRULZ

4 years ago#61
Binba442 posted...
For those not in the know:

In short: The industry crashes because there are too many crappy games on the market, and too many consoles. People lose trust, stop buying, stocks go down and all that.

It gets better ~2 years later with the NES, Nintendo revives the market, and then the last 30 years happened.

I've seen people think it could happen again, but I think it's too big to sink.

You forgot to include this choice:

"The crash may happen again, mostly due to licensed or big budget or expensive games that fail to sell."

User Info: Gordaton

4 years ago#62
I think the 8th generation will be the last generation of home consoles. Don't ask for a source, that's just my opinion.

Gaming will obviously never die though because of PC. I think more and more people will flock to the PC in the coming years, that's my prediction.

User Info: __starsnostars

4 years ago#63
We need another crash. It's the only way I'll get through my backlog.

User Info: HenryKazuka

4 years ago#64
If we go by the wikipedia article, the main reasons for the 83' crash were:

Flooded console market Back then, there were way waaaay too many consoles. Everyone was trying to cash-in on the fast growing video game industry from years prior and the market became over-saturated with consoles. Right now, that isn't a problem: PS4/XO/WIIU, maybe OUYA and the STEAMBOX doesn't compare to having at least 15 different consoles with the same games (seriously you could buy Atari 2600 games and play them on your Intellivision II).

Competition from home computers This isn't a problem since everyone and their mothers have computers and still buy consoles to play videogames (for the exclusivity, ease of use and maybe price?). Back then, the choice was "should I get a console or a computer?".

Loss of publishing control This is a big one, luckily the article covers it for me
Unlike Nintendo, Sega, Sony, or Microsoft in later decades, the hardware manufacturers in this era lost exclusive control of their platforms' supply of games. With it, they also lost the ability to ensure stores were never overloaded with products.
And since they couldn't control the quality of the games, there were a lot of crappy/ carbon-copy games. Without a way of knowing which games were good or bad (no internet reviews), people stopped buying video games, which led to:

High-profile failures Pac-Man and E.T. for the Atari 2600.
I could see this happening with the AAA games and their constant "trying to appeal to the casual gamer", but the truth is there is a lot more research on the video game market now than 30 years ago, games can be patched and with the online purchases, there is less risk of making too many copies that nobody would buy (which is exactly what ended Atari back then).

So, if the video game industry crashes again (which I doubt), it won't be because of those same reasons.
Oh, and to whoever thinks that Nintendo is going to crash and cease to exist... yeah that's not gonna happen.
Hard work may pay in the long run, but laziness always pays off right now!

User Info: Zohar_Metatron

4 years ago#65
I think it could happen again, because the crash of 83 hit one medium (consoles) in one region (America).

It genuinely would not surprise me to start seeing major Japanese developers take a dive soon. Capcom and Square cannot handle money at all, for instance, and I honestly don't see them surviving to the next console generation.
By Grabthar's Hammer, what a savings.

User Info: Nolax

4 years ago#66
The worst game ever is actually the biggest seller *CoD*
So i cant see the crash happening anytime soon.

User Info: Greyfox995

4 years ago#67
I would honestly love to see this happen again, no one in the gaming industry apart from indie games are trying anything new and ambitious.
Sometimes people put things here.

User Info: Newave

4 years ago#68
The videogame industry never crashed here or in Japan etc, only in usa.
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User Info: DeliFlatChest

4 years ago#69
Newave posted...
The videogame industry never crashed here or in Japan etc, only in usa.

Did Japan have the Atari and other consoles back then?

On topic

Probably, Or maybe not a crash exactly, But close, Due to having too many "consoles"(Platforms would be more precise) like Facebook, Android,iOS, Browser, And increasing
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User Info: WhyitEarp

4 years ago#70
It WILL happen and not because of the choices given. Only a select few games profit, too many lose money and with the rising costs to make games and consoles, a crash is inevitable
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