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Windows game launchers

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User Info: Kerr Avon

Kerr Avon
3 years ago#1
Are there any good menu-driven game launchers for Windows? You know how most DOSBox users use a menu-driven game launcher such as D.O.G. or D-Fend Reloaded to load DOSBox and a game? And how MAME is most often used with a frontend (either third party or built in, as in MAMEUI/MAME32). Well are there any good similar programs to load Windows games?

At the moment I use the Windows START menu and also desktop items, of course, but someone recommended IXBAR3000 ( but I was wondering if there was anything better that anyone knew of?

Also, is there anywhere to download screenshots (and box art, loading screens, whatever) that can be used in the launcher, please?
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User Info: nameless0101

3 years ago#2
Just use Steam and add all your Windows games as non Steam games and boot them through that?
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User Info: SinisterSlay

3 years ago#3
Steam does good, you can add non steam games, and it automatically adds the overlay to them. You can even upload screenshots, etc.
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