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can someone recommend me a mechanical gaming keyboard?

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  3. can someone recommend me a mechanical gaming keyboard?

User Info: jsin510

4 years ago#1
I'm a budget gamer and I dont mind using random names like mazer. My mouse is in fact a mazer mouse.

With that being said my price range is 50 - 80 maybe 100 if its really really good.

Thank you.


4 years ago#2
If you are on that sort of budget, the Corsair quickfire rapid would be the one that I would go for. Available in reds, blues, browns and blacks. Costar made. Costar stabilizers. Decent quality. Available without the ridiculous branding. Cheap replacement cases available if you want to customize/ paint etc.

You get all the best of mechanical keyboards and I have seen them being sold for only 60 dollars. They are nice, but do realize that the main benefit to having them, in my opinion at least, is for typing.

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User Info: 30aught6

4 years ago#3
First, you need to determine what type of switches you want.

Here's an GIF with all the different switch types to choose from:

MX browns are generally considers to be a good compromise for typing and gaming, in terms of actuation:

If you want to test out some switches, but there aren't any stores in your area that sell mechanical keyboards, wasdkeyboards sells a switch sample pack:

There are several popular options for your price range:

Razer Black Widow (tenkeyless)

Quck Fire Rapid (tenkeyless)

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  3. can someone recommend me a mechanical gaming keyboard?

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