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Do you think video games are expensive?

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User Info: xcmon3yx2

3 years ago#51
HypnoCoosh posted...
CatToy posted...
Cheaper than compared SNES/Genesis days, that's for sure.

Super Mario RPG 70, bucks.
Donkey Kong Country 3 70, bucks.
Kirby Super Star, 60 bucks.

Phantasy Star 4 was 90 bucks when it released in 1993.

This is before inflation, which if included would have some of these games cost more than a modern game new and INCLUDING dlc.

And games these days are far more involved to make.

True but those are GOOD games

also cartridge based games are much more expensive to produce then cd/dvd games, has nothing to do with inflation
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User Info: Nazanir

3 years ago#52
QUIK posted...
I was looking to pre-order the following games for the pc,

South park stick of truth
Watch dogs
And assassins creed

When i see the total is almost $200.00
I paused and thought to myself damn videogames are i just exit the site and didnt pre order anything...i think if the games were $50.00 each instead of 64.00 i would have charged those 3 games to my credit card instead of leaving...

What do you guys think? Do you feel they are expensive or the price is right?

I think they get expensive, put pre-orders are the worst. You've had no chance to play the game yourself, you soley rely on whatever gameplay footage has been released without experiencing it yourself, but company X does expect you to fork over 50-60 dollars on the promise of a good game.

You'll just have to trust them, that they made a great game, and I do believe that 50 dollars is lot in that case.
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User Info: Druuj

3 years ago#53
From the point of a gamer

They are flat-out EXPENSIVE. You pay 150-200 euros for a 3DS and every decent game goes from 30 to 50 euros and the really nice ones never really go lower, they prefer to vanish from the market and the only decent way to get them is ebay or smthing like it. Even a super old mario game from nintendo estore goes 4-5 euros for a digital download. It might be worth it but its gametime is 1000 times smaller than say Monster Hunter with new 3d graphics.
Then u have underhanded marketing strategies. A game is supposedly released ONLY for consoles or perhaps with a considerable headstart before PCs. You buy the game for console and rage over every glitch and handicap, And then the PC version comes (perhaps with better graphics or overhauled) addons, console commands and other goodies.
And the money you pay for a game instead of going mostly to the ppl who made it, goes mostly to distribution companies that set the prices.
For a gamer that finishes 70% of the game+main storyline in 4days most (I like to compare us to avid readers) the prices are horrible. Because if u read 3 books in a month's time, for a gamer you have to pay over 100 euros on games per month. Not every1 has that kind of money.

As a 3DS owner I would gladly prefer to pay a monthly fee to Nintendo somewhere around 20 euros, and have access to a decent selection of games through eshop.I mean play, not download and keep. Thats what you would pay to play a subscription MMO (more actually) and we all know what time-suckers those games are.I dont think I would need more than 2-3 months to clear the catalogue from any old game worth playing, and perhaps I would bother to pay to keep some of the more "pristine" new games for 3ds. Maybe if you purchased a game from e-shop nintendo could mail you a physical copy too. Or maybe you could make an account for nintendo games like Steam. That would be something.

But really the prices for newly released games are high. I really consider they should be around 30-40 euros price for the end-customer. The owner-gamer.And I have been thinking it that way ever since the 90s when I got my first handheld, the brilliant Game Gear (sega) and the prices back then (different money then) relate to today's prices. The pricing in this market hasnt changed almost at all. Sorry for the textwall.

User Info: Miroku_of_Nite1

3 years ago#54

User Info: BetrayedTangy

3 years ago#55
Some are overly- expensive, some are not a game like Batman: Arkham City or GTA V could easily sell for 60 bucks and be a fair price, because these are top quality, well-known games, but when new IP's come out these are also 60 bucks which almost makes it not worth the risk, it could be good or it could be trash you don't know
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User Info: drclaeys

3 years ago#56

Nicodimus posted...
They are expensive if you're impatient.

If you can wait a year, you get them for $20 or less and get the same experience.

What my problem is, there is not enough rpgs that I like. I have played them all. so when one comes out, I have been waiting for weeks if not months for it.

I dont want to turn this into a new vs used debate. But if a used game is cheaper, I almost always go that route.

so YES. But its my own fault, I can not wait. Plus im 50 years old, I might wake up dead tomorrow. I have to have it TODAY!!!! Thank you.
Dr. Darrell of Michigan
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User Info: samurai1900

3 years ago#57
As far as hobbies go, I would place gaming low(medium at the very best) in the cost factor.

Despite that, I consider 1/h to be rated average, 50c/h good, 25c/h excellent, 10c/h a masterpiece and 1c/h once-a-decade-occurrence.

Of course, time isn't the only factor, as short as To The Moon is, I still view it as a high-end game when it comes to the enjoyment of playing the game.

Or something like that~
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User Info: TargettPractice

3 years ago#58
They're amazingly expensive when you consider that most are released unfinished or untested. It's like there's not a single QA department to be found in the multitude of game development companies, and with good reason. Casuals will buy any piece of trash that is released if it looks cool or is advertised well. Gone are the days when game devs were game devs because they wanted to make an awesome game. Now it's all about making the most mediocre game look appealing for a short time.

It's way too expensive for what it's become.

User Info: Wygun

3 years ago#59
I remember being able to buy only 1 snes game a month. But this year alone i added 87 games to my steam library.

User Info: nodley

3 years ago#60
No. They are the same price they were back in the 90's when I was buying SNES games so they haven't even gone up with inflation. 40 is nothing, even on minimum wage.
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