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god im so mad I missed humble indie bundle 7 and 8, why couldnt I gotten into it

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  3. god im so mad I missed humble indie bundle 7 and 8, why couldnt I gotten into it

User Info: Egdracil

3 years ago#1

Because i ended up buying or being interested in many of the games in them.

#7 for instance had Binding of Issac wrath of the lamb which I bought recently which could have got me: Shank 2, closure, cave story+ and Dungeon Defenders. I own dungeon defenders for ps3 and just could have used a pc copy. I own dont starve and mark of the ninja from klei so I want to try shank 2. Ive heard good things about closure and cave story+

#8 Had awesomenauts which I I bought during the steam sale...oh and hotline miami which I ended up laying on "someone elses computer" but would have loved to get the achievements for it. Proteus is alright, seems like it would by more fun under the influence.

User Info: bikeblaster

3 years ago#2
good to know
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User Info: KillerzOverHere

3 years ago#3

User Info: wizardmon

3 years ago#4
It's like twitter if they allowed more words in a twit.
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User Info: calcycle

3 years ago#5
Sent you a message about the games.
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User Info: Egdracil

3 years ago#6
omg.....they used to give the previous indie bundle as a bonus for beating the average, too cool.

User Info: claytonbuckley

3 years ago#7
This is a fine example of how to ask for free stuff without actually asking.

Well done TC, well done
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User Info: Lord_Xandros

3 years ago#8
I didn't know the Humble Bundle was a thing until someone linked me to the Origin bundle.
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  3. god im so mad I missed humble indie bundle 7 and 8, why couldnt I gotten into it

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