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So most Android phones cheat at benchmarks

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User Info: CardigansFan

4 years ago#31
I think the controversy here is more the fact that the phone "auto-detects" a benchmarking app and automatically ramps up the CPU/GPU cores to max frequencies and keeps it like that - which isn't a situation you should ever encounter on a modern phone. Meanwhile, rename the benchmark app file name to something different, and it behaves like a regular app and benchmarks as such.

Personally I don't see the big deal. As long as my phone and apps run smooth, I don't give two ****s about benchmark scores. So far, I haven't been disappointed with my Xperia Z Ultra. Much prefer it to the tiny-ass iPhone screen.
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User Info: nightmare75

4 years ago#32
I think there's cheating and then there's cheating. For example, this

is cheating (tl;dr Samsung appears to be bumping up clock speeds beyond what is available to a normal user-mode app when it detects specific benchmarks and ONLY benchmarks). When phone makers cheat like this, it completely defeats the purpose of the benchmark as a barometer of performance the user should expect from the hardware.

The Anandtech article posted earlier talks about processors getting put at 100% on when the benchmark apps launch, but I don't think that's inherently cheating or even shady so long as other apps that people might want to use get the same treatment.

Benchmarks are a point of comparison across different phones. If you're using clock speeds not available to other apps to boost performance, you're cheating. Your benchmark scores no longer bear a 1:1 relationship with user experience, which makes any review potentially misleading. They're attempting to deceive customers by making the phones look faster than they really are. That's slimy and disingenuous, whether everyone is doing it or not (and not everyone is doing it).
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