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Anyone uh, catch those SR for watch dogs??

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User Info: Snadados

4 years ago#11
NfuzedXGamer posted...
@ Monkeymage- No, true next gen PC experience would be if i had a quad core OC'd Intel cpu like the 4670K or hell even a Ivy bridge 6 core 4930K, and if i had a 7970GHZ or GTX 770 or higher. Heres my specs, i can only HOPE watch dogs Disrupt engine will access all 6 cores since my phenom is unlocked.

CPU- AMD PhenomIIX6 1045T 2.7 GHZ (cores unlocked)
RAM- 8GB pc3 1333
GPU- XFX Radeon HD 5770 1024 mb


Your head.
Have you accepted Raspberyl as your loli and savior?

User Info: SlashmanSG

4 years ago#12
Yeah we did, when it was posted yesterday. The topic is still on the front page.
Fight Science with Wood

User Info: NfuzedXGamer

4 years ago#13

User Info: DiamondDogs

4 years ago#14
Yeah, I almost **** myself reading that. To hell with upgrading my current desktop, I may as well build a new one.

You get it started, and I'll run you over. That's the best plan I can think of.
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