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Do you buy physical for PC anymore?

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User Info: Newave

4 years ago#91

I only buy physical copies.
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User Info: Jocko

4 years ago#92
Kokuei05 posted...

Ok apparently everyone here is way too young to have thought of this when they saw the topic title judging by the lack of comments about it.
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User Info: KOOGAR

4 years ago#93
Of course.
Otherwise I wouldn't BUY them at all, when pirating gives me the very same, FOR FREE!

User Info: LB3

4 years ago#94
I get the physical copy if its a really cool collectors edition or if it is cheaper then digital (amazon does it allot plus they often give you credit to usr on more games.)
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User Info: arleas

4 years ago#95
From: Nicodimus | #083
I've never seen a way to un-register a digital game,

Certain EA PC games with SecuROM and/or Solidshield digital rights management technology allow users to concurrently "authorize" up to a certain number of computers at the same time to play the games. Users can then play the game on any authorized computer they choose. If your EA PC game was released after May 2008 and has a machine authorization limit, you can manage your computer authorizations using EA De-Authorization Tools!

Once de-authorized, a machine "slot" will be freed up and can be re-used on another computer. De-authorization does not uninstall the game, however, so if you decide you want to re-authorize your computer later, all you have to do is re-launch the game while you are connected to the Internet.
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