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Steam OS and EA

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User Info: godplaysSNES

4 years ago#41
ShadowThaReaper posted...
godplaysSNES posted...
Right now, EA has absolutely nothing to earn by helping Steam OS gain ground.

Except for more sales from simply porting their games to Linux. Plus all the goodwill that comes from doing something like that.

And how much extra sales would Linux bring? Windows is the big gaming OS, the vast majority of games are using DirectX, not OpenGL.

EA does even compete with Steam. EA created Origin because EA wants full control over what they sell and they don't want anyone else to take a cut from their sales.

Long-term, Steam OS getting big can be a problem for lots of studios.
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User Info: 30aught6

4 years ago#42
VanderZoo posted...
30aught6 posted...
Steam OS needs EA Sports if they want to challenge MS / Sony in the living room.

They're not challenging anyone in the living room, even Wii U which well sell the least this gen will far outsell the Steambox(s). Steam/Valve has no brand recognition outside of their hardcore following on the internet.

Go and ask some grandma on the street what PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo is, they can tell you, but they'd never have even heard of Steam or Valve before. You can't compete in the console space without a brand name, bloody hell even Nintendo has trouble competing with PS and Xbox these days, Steambox has no chance.

And another thing you need to compete in the console market - marketing, and a big ass budget. I don't see Valve advertising Steambox on TV or in football stadiums, or making partnerships with Tesco or Taco Bell, for example.

Steambox is a niche product for a niche market, PC gamers will stick with PC's, console gamers will stick with the big three. I think it's naive to think Steambox is actually going to compete, it's more akin to Ouya than PS4.

Yes, I know, right now, but you have to start somewhere.

User Info: ShadowThaReaper

4 years ago#43
godplaysSNES posted...
And how much extra sales would Linux bring?

Not much, but it would help with their reputation, slightly.

And it would also help set them up for a potential future with Linux. Start building the base now.
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