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Should I play Xcom:EU on with ironman on or off?

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  3. Should I play Xcom:EU on with ironman on or off?

User Info: Carbon_Deoxxys

3 years ago#1


User Info: snesmaster40

3 years ago#2
It depends on how angry you might get. The RNG sometimes show a really low percent like 10%, but then your soldier will still get hit anyway. It's enough to cause a rage quit.
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User Info: FaPaThY

3 years ago#3
I'd do a playthrough with it off to learn the game first. Then, if you can handle your save being deleted when you **** up, your PC crashes or the game bugs out, go for it.
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User Info: emmece

3 years ago#4
It is more intense with Iron man on, but there is a chance to lose your whole squad you have spend 10+ hours on due to BS RNG. If you can handle that kind of rage inducing moments then go ahead.

User Info: xanthan1

3 years ago#5
Remember, the expansion comes month I think? It was suppose to fix a lot of things.

User Info: Pepys Monster

Pepys Monster
3 years ago#6
You'll get more pissed than you thought a game could make you.
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User Info: Hi C

Hi C
3 years ago#7
Iron man on, the only way to play an Xcom game.

EU is only as hard as you are bad. Compared to the the original the number of cheap deaths is only a fraction.

Deaths originally were SUPPOSED to happen, they gave you room to take like 20 soldiers into battle and some of those were to be used as fodder while protecting ranking officers.
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User Info: Bossdog421

3 years ago#8
Ironman on, it's not really Xcom if you play otherwise.
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User Info: Carbon_Deoxxys

3 years ago#9
im used to permadeath and games with a little more challenge.

but i was having fun just fine witht he normal demo, and im guessing it wasnt on then.

User Info: MahoganyTooth92

3 years ago#10
Off. While the idea of Ironman is awesome, the game is too buggy to allow it to work very well. Such as not getting a bonus for flanking when you rightfully should. I prefer to play normally on a trust system: I save at the beginning of a mission. If BS occurs, so I can reload and hope something different happens. Stuff like 3 already activated mutons teleporting right next to one of my soldiers on their turn. It didn't end well for her.
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