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Which controller do you prefer, Playstation or Xbox?

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User Info: xKynOx

4 years ago#21
i use a ps2 pad (+ x360ce or xpadder)

User Info: bluemoogle

4 years ago#22
360 since the thumb stick is in a more comfortable position. D-pad sucks but I'll use a keyboard if I need a good d-pad.
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User Info: DV8ingSources

4 years ago#23
360 fits in my hands way better. Also like the asymmetrical thumbsticks and much superior triggers. D-pad is atrocious though and if it had the dualshock 3 dpad it would be near perfect.

Really curious about the new steam controller design. The only thing I worry about with that though is the lack of a standard layout for games. Time will tell.
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User Info: Myzery

4 years ago#24
R i c k posted...
Logitech which by extension would mean Playstation. The Xbox layout and ergonomics are not very good, IMO. Dual Shock style FTW.
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User Info: TheC0ndemnedOne

4 years ago#25
DualShock 4 + Xbone controller triggers would be nice.

User Info: fatelord

4 years ago#26
Fix the DPad on the xbox's and we have a winner .. A tie otherwise.
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  3. Which controller do you prefer, Playstation or Xbox?

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