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Devices appearing and disappearing on Device Manager (Problem)

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User Info: narutovssasuke7

4 years ago#1
Ok so I left my pc running all night and today I wake up and even though the power is on when I turn the on monitor it does not detect the pc and says monitor going to sleep. So I decide to manually turn off the pc, after turning it back on.
Everything seemed to be working normally until the pc boots into Windows 7 and every 2 seconds I hear the usb connected sound. Its constantly going off like if I was connecting and disconnecting a usb every 1 to 2 seconds. Then I go into device manager to see what was failing and I am surprised to see that at the same time that the usb sound goes of everything in the device manager window disappears and 2 seconds later they reappear.
So its like everything is disconnecting and connecting itself back a few seconds later. This has been going on every 2 seconds like clock work since this morning.
I've trying using TuneUp Utilities 2014 to resolve the problem but it didn't. It can actually detect when the devices stop working but then of course the devices are working 2 seconds later and then 2 seconds later they stop again.
I also have Mc Afee Total protecting and it has not detected any viruses either.

I actually screen capped whats going on with the device manager so you guys can see for yourselves.


2 Seconds Later:

Then less than a second later:

After that it goes back to normal and the process is repeated. Do any of you know what the problem might be? I've been going crazy over here and I cant figure out what the is wrong.
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