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Do you think Valve will make their games PC exclusive again?

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  3. Do you think Valve will make their games PC exclusive again?

User Info: NicoC96

3 years ago#21
Unless they pull a Microsoft and throw tons of ads into SteamOS, there is no benefit to forcing it's customers to use their operating system. It's available because it's Linux and on the Steamboxs, so one way or another, SteamOS would have become available to everyone.

User Info: xanthan1

3 years ago#22
halomonkey1_3_5 posted...
Darkcloud20 posted...
Why is everybody completely ignoring that valve doesn't want to get people to buy a steambox, they want them to use Steam OS. They stated right in the beginning that they won't put out a steambox (well besides the 300 protoypes) they will allow other companies to ship prebuild PCs with Steam OS as a "steambox".

they dont even care if you use SteamOS, they just want you using Steam. If thats the Steam client for Mac/PC/Linux or via the Steambox running SteamOS, it literally doesnt matter for Valve. They just want you buying games via Steam.

I thought they wanted developers making games with SteamOS in mind, meaning not needing DirectX, which would mean more games working on Macs and thus a larger market for those games.

User Info: sonic_man00

3 years ago#23
I hope not, I still want Portal 3 on a PS4 or whatnot.
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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

3 years ago#24
godplaysSNES posted...
It wouldn't surprise me at all if Valve took a step further and made their games exclusive for Steam OS.

Valve may see it that it's worth to take the losses by dropping Windows if Steam OS gains marketshare.

I don't think Valve is making money on Steambox or SteamOS. They're just cutting away from Windows 8 due to Microsoft's new policies, and trying to force people to switch will only lead to more resistance.
If SteamOS takes over, they might make their games for SteamOS exclusively, or SteamOS first, to cut development time and cost, but as long as Windows and AppleOS have enough market presence, it makes more sense to support multiple platforms.

To that end, I doubt Valve will go PC exclusive with games that can work on consoles.
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  3. Do you think Valve will make their games PC exclusive again?

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