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installing mods makes my game blurry....

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  3. installing mods makes my game blurry....

User Info: CM_Mojica

3 years ago#1
uhhhh i dont think this is supposed to happen. when i remove the mods the game is clear again. anyone know whats wrong?

User Info: CatToy

3 years ago#2
Gonna need some examples, take pictures. Blurry can mean anything.
pon pon way way way ponpon way pon way pon pon, way way ponponpon way way pon way pon way way.

User Info: iceache

3 years ago#3
You know.. you could post on the right god damn board next time TC..

User Info: steveboblarry

3 years ago#4
Also we don't know what game your modding, and what type of mods you installed
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User Info: Lorthremar

3 years ago#5
that's specific
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  3. installing mods makes my game blurry....

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