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And LEGAL way to watch/stream Spike TV / USA via online?

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  3. And LEGAL way to watch/stream Spike TV / USA via online?

User Info: dudupupu

3 years ago#1
I heard there was a way, but I've yet to find it.

I was paying for Comcast Internet/Cable, with cable being used by my dad (I don't watch TV), but I recently canceled it because of the high bill (promotion ended).

Is there a way to watch these two channels online via a free/legal method? The reason I ask is because someone told me that these two channels COULD be viewed for free using the internet, but I don't remember who so I can't ask for details.

I feel absolutely terrible for canceling the service since he used it and will get it back if I can't find a method to do what I want...

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User Info: Ave07

3 years ago#2
Im sure their web sites have episodes up for people to watch like other tv channels.

User Info: OCRAZYGun

3 years ago#3
Here you go
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User Info: GoIrish80

3 years ago#5
If there really was a free and legal way to watch those channels online, don't you think it would be rather easy to find?
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User Info: zerodefect

3 years ago#6

Has spike and is free. If you pay, you can get all the HD channels and DVR functionality. Plus they have a Roku app if you use one. It's great.

EDIT: Sorry I just checked, spike isn't available on the free plan. You need to pay to get it.
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  3. And LEGAL way to watch/stream Spike TV / USA via online?

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