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Awesome this retro pc I built actually works wonderfully.

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User Info: TheNeckbeard

4 years ago#1
My mother had visited her family out of state a few weeks back, while gone she had went to some yard sales with them and she spent like 10 bucks and bought all this PC stuff thinking it would be something I might like. She of course doesn't exactly get that the older stuff is quite obsolete.

There was quite a bit of stuff. Some older games, partial computers with various stuff picked, but the remnants of some pentium 3s, 4s, a celeron and amd. A few old CRT monitors. Most of it from the late 90s leading into the early 00s.

Just so happens though I have a few PC games in my collection that won't run correctly or at all on newer machines. One prime example being Star Wars Racer. Which was one of my favorites, it not only has issues with anything newer especially 64 bit machines, but the new video cards don't support some of the 16 bit crap required to run it right. Even with patches, official or fan made it wouldn't work on my last 3 PCs, compat modes obviously and even virtual machines running older OSes nothing would get it to work right.

So I went through it all and built up a retro gaming pc. I almost went with the pentium 3 but I decided to go with the pentium 4 just to see if it would work as it had an ethernet port so I can connect it to the net when I need to and I got lucky in that some of the ram one of the pentium 3's was the same type as what was in the pentium 4 as well.

Pentium 4 @1.5ghz.
512MB RAM PC133
RIVA TNT2 M64 32mb GPU (what a beast!)
CD Rom
250w PSU

Was able to install Star Wars racer right out of the box flawlessly and it worked perfectly, max settings. After finding the XP driver for the 360 controller the game by default settings mapped wonderfully to the controller.

I haven't thrown anything else at it though I do have some other stuff, original retail Diablo (which also has issues on todays machines), Blood Omen, Soul Reaver (I have the recently fixed digital GOG version but the retail has never worked for me right), Riven, Icewind Dale

Going to have some old school fun on this guy. I

User Info: Boge

4 years ago#2
That's basically the Steambox experience if they sell it at $400.
Don't lie to someone who trusts you.
Don't trust someone who lies to you.

User Info: BeefCastle

4 years ago#3
Boge posted...
That's basically the Steambox experience if they sell it at $400.

i lol'd
I climb mountains and I'm never wrong.
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