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How does PCH feel about THIEF (2014)?

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User Info: The_AntiGrim

4 years ago#31
Oh, and nintendo trash, but only children even bother with those.
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User Info: CircleOfManias

4 years ago#32
HighOnPhazon posted...
ITT: Thief 4 looks bad because they are changing the core of the Thief franchise.

There's quite a bit of room for the stealth genre to evolve beyond Thief 2. The problem is, it didn't. Thirteen years of games, none of them even attempted to improve on it. Stealth mechanics got dumbed down in favor of mindless action games with stealth mechanics as an option in the name of "player choice." For a stealth game to work, there needs to be danger. That means it can't be viable to kill 8 guards in a direct brawl (looking at you, Dishonored). Thief 2 gets that. The new one doesn't.
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