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Will Windows ever die?

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User Info: SinisterSlay

4 years ago#41
Acquire posted...
I've still yet to see an actual valid complaint against Windows 8 other than people, that haven't even bothered really using it, not liking the new start screen. This new start screen is also just a replacement for the start menu and it works a lot better than the start menu in Windows 7. It's actually useful for something other than searching. Other than that everything else is all around easier to use. Windows 8.1 also allows a boot to desktop option. I use it daily and have no complaints. The main thing I've noticed is that it certainly feels a lot faster than Windows 7.

I currently have 429 items in my start menu.
Am I supposed to search through tiles for that? That's crazy.

Much easier, and much less intrusive, to use the small launcher, known as the start menu, to locate, or search, for the program I need.
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User Info: halomonkey1_3_5

4 years ago#42
OSX will never take over because Apple cares more about profit margin than market share(and thats served them well, so I dont see them trying to change that). They wont release a PC that your average(actual average, not the "gaming PC" average) person could afford.
Mac Mini for $600 vs a E-Machine from Walmart for $300? Sorry, but I know waaaaay too many people who buy sub-$400 PCs to see that being a competitive matchup. Is the Mac Mini significantly better than that $300 POS from Walmart? Of course, but they dont care. Not even touching on the fact that the cheapest new Apple laptop is $1000, while you can go buy a Windows laptop for $350.

Linux(in its (currently) most popular forms(I.E. "usable"(I dont know what word to use here, but I'm talking about the distros a typical PC user could setup with little to no problems, not something like Gentoo) distros, like Ubuntu/Fedora/etc,) will never take off, because its uglier(granted that its personal preference and you cant really say Linux as a whole is uglier, because of how many different spins on it there are), harder to use, and has significantly less of a concentrated "push" behind it to go mainstream(how many Linux users care about its market share? It works for them and they like it, ease of use and accessibility be damned).

Now, Linux in the form of something like the SteamOS has the potential to make waves. If they can keep it simple(boot into a "desktop" that is basically Steam plus some small things(Web browser, media player), no real power to screw it up left to a user unless they deliberately change some settings before hand) they have a chance to get "Linux" into the mainstream. But it has to be usable without needing to use a command line at all, and more importantly, it needs to work without having to go through hoops(like installing restricted drivers) or else it'll just end up like every other attempt at taking Linux mainstream.

Just my opinion, anyway.
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