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is installing a new processor yourself difficult ?

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  3. is installing a new processor yourself difficult ?

User Info: ZeraphLordS

4 years ago#21
Powerful thing you have there. Your CPU's generation was a real good one, and very few things should be a concern.

Without a specific worry it's very hard to recommend a costly upgrade.

Also, my first time wasn't difficult at all, but it was a bit crunchy, and filled with tension.
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It's not that difficult, but no matter how many times I've done it I can't help feel like something is going to break when I'm locking down the heatsink/fan.
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User Info: Flaktrooper123

4 years ago#23
You mean Haswell processor? It is not difficult, just scary if it is your first time.

User Info: Faendryl

4 years ago#24
200 dollars isn't going to net you a cpu upgrade; it's around what a 2500k/3570k/4670k all cost, 10-15% upgrade at the most. Guess you could sell your cpu and drop in a 2500k and an air cooler if you will overclock as an upgrade.

Even if you're going to overclock, sandy/ivy/haswell are all close. Ivy and Haswell run hot.
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User Info: SKYMAN07

4 years ago#25
Your current processor is still sufficient for your needs, don't bother with an upgrade yet.

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  3. is installing a new processor yourself difficult ?

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