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PS4 Controller compatible with PC on LAUNCH!

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User Info: YoungAdultLink

3 years ago#31
daemon_dan posted...
YoungAdultLink posted...
HydroCannabinol posted...
CC Ricers posted...
I guess it's different tastes. I don't like the segmented D-pad of the Dual Shock. Playing Guilty Gear with it was the first time I seriously got blisters.

You get blisters from gaming?? Wow you're doing it so wrong.

Fighting games don't work well with most dpads. I tried playing Tekken 3 the other night on my ps3 and had to stop after half an hour because it was wearing at my thumb. That makes the PS3 dpad worse than the strings on my guitar.

>.> If you're using your thumb on the strings of your guitar, you're doing it wrong.

Nah, my hands aren't big enough to do more than mute the E string with my thumb. I'm comparing my fingertips to my thumb tip, though, considering that I play so rarely that I lack callouses.
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User Info: arleas

3 years ago#32
From: ShadowThaReaper | #027
Except charging for online multiplayer, which everyone overlooks.

Honestly I don't pay much attention to the consoles anymore so if I'm overlooking it, it's because I had no idea... I just know that when they announced the Xbone and everyone started complaining about all the stuff microsoft was trying to do, Sony earned points for saying "Yeah, we're not doing that with PS4".
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