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ITT: Post the weirdest game you have played.

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User Info: sonicteam2k1

4 years ago#21
house, when I was 5... they were 8 and 10...
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User Info: vistahater44

4 years ago#22
Boge posted...
Nights Into Dreams is pretty weird. I don't really understand the game. I love it though.

Another is Sanitarium.

I forgot about Nights Into Dreams. Yeah, that was a pretty weird game. Not only was the game play strange but the fact that Sega decided to use it to demonstrate the Saturn's performance to the public. It was literally the first game people saw on the Saturn.
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User Info: Ch3wy

4 years ago#23
Clouddx posted...
Quote:Probably LSD.

Haha definitely and I was playing some CS with some mad nasty synesthesia. Every pixel was bubbling out into a billion colors in sync with the gun fire and foot steps.

I was talking about the game:

But that's nice too. One time me and my friend beat two of my sober friends in Fifa by about 5 goals when we were both tripping balls. I didn't even know we won until the next day.
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User Info: KillerTruffle

4 years ago#24
I'd say Cargo! The Quest for Gravity is up there on the weirdness scale... at least ties with Katamari Damacy IMO.
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User Info: hungry_zealot

4 years ago#25
Noby Noby Boy on the PS3. I can't even describe it to you.

User Info: ggf162

4 years ago#26
Baroque for the Sega Saturn. That s*** was just messed up.
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User Info: wdfoster

4 years ago#27
Hotline Miami comes to mind. The story is just... yeah.

Nails that 80s feeling though.
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User Info: capgamer

4 years ago#28
ggf162 posted...
Baroque for the Sega Saturn. That s*** was just messed up.

I just bought this game for Wii a couple of days ago. Haven't tried it yet! :)

Mine would be... Incredible Crisis on PS1. It's ridiculous. You play as a Japanese family and you follow each member through several minigames with a loose plot connecting them. The dad escapes a giant boulder that destroys his office building and then does filthy things to a co-worker and then saves aliens. The mom goes grocery shopping, helps robbers break into a bank, then escapes them by jacking a snowmobile and racing down a mountain. etc. etc. etc.

It's kinda like Warioware, but with a narrative.
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User Info: AtomicPenguin76

4 years ago#29
hungry_zealot posted...
Noby Noby Boy on the PS3. I can't even describe it to you.

You are a giant penis monster that devours things and randomly destroys everything you touch by struggling to move through a world designed from a 4-year old's mind that was force fed LSD cupcakes.

Yeah, very, very weird. Probably the weirdest game I've ever seen.

User Info: someguyshand

4 years ago#30
At the moment, the Bishi Bashi Special games comes to mind.
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