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rechargable AAA batteries

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User Info: Darkneo20

4 years ago#1
is it normal for these to come fully charged or partially charged when you purchase them ??

i bought a 4pack of them and put them in my charger and it only took 45minutes for the charging light to turn off indicating they was done ......that seems a little fast

this is my charger radioshack 23-1302 charger

those the batteries i got
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User Info: WerdnAndreW

4 years ago#2
A lot of rechargeable batteries today are pre-charged and can hold that charge for a very long time if not used.
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User Info: El Magnifico

El Magnifico
4 years ago#3
Rechargeable batteries you buy at the store will have a moderate charge in them. If the batteries are stored with a low charge for too long it can cause problems for the battery and make it difficult to recharge. It looks like your charger is a 2 hour charger and since most rechargeable batteries are recommended to have about a 60% charge for long term storage it sounds about right that you were able to fully charge it within 45 minutes.
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