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How vital is fan control for high end computers?

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  3. How vital is fan control for high end computers?

User Info: Chr0noid

3 years ago#1
I ask because when I built mine, I accidentally broke one of the cords that lets you control how fast or slow the fan spins. So, it still works, I just can't adjust its speed. Should I bother locating replacement wires? If so, how the hell do I get one? Do I have to find some that are compatible with my case?
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User Info: AtomicPenguin76

3 years ago#2
What broke? A wire for a manual case switch you have, or something on the fan itself?

Most enthusiast motherboards have automatic/manual fan controls you can do through software, so the hardware fan speed switch wouldn't matter that much unless you really want it.

If you need or want to replace it, check Newegg and see if you can just buy it separately first or contact the case or motherboard manufacturer depending on which cable broke and where you got the fan controller.

User Info: wizardmon

3 years ago#3
Not very.
Without the fourth pin on PWM fans it just spins at max speed.

Even if it was only spinning at 50% or something you wouldn't really notice a difference unless you are in a small room with no ventilation living near the equator during summer.
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  3. How vital is fan control for high end computers?

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