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How much do you spend on Video Cards?

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User Info: samurai1900

3 years ago#21
I think it is between 500 and 800 for the best single GPU card, of course, there are exceptions like Titan.

Makes me wonder how much GTX 880 will cost~
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User Info: Chargrilled

3 years ago#22
Usually 150quid
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User Info: RolloverBouncin

3 years ago#23
Below $300. If I'm making a budget, below $200. I went top end once, while the power was nice it was just over kill and I won't spend that much anymore.
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User Info: TheC0ndemnedOne

3 years ago#24
First graphics card I got for gaming was <$100. (Nvidia 9600 GSO 512 MB)

Second one I got was about right at $100. (Radeon HD 6770 1 GB)

Third one I got, the one I currently have, was $650. (GTX 780)

So, my average wouldn't really be accurate. I'll wait until I'm not satisfied with the GTX 780 to decide what I should be spending on graphics cards.

User Info: Slayn

3 years ago#25
I have always bought the middle of the line Nvidia cards, 8600GT, 260, 460, 660. This time I bought a 2nd 660 and I will never go cheap again. Just like the constant 60 fps and eye candy. The x60 cards have been such great price/performance cards, but I should be able to dump a little extra at 29.
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User Info: ThePCElitist

3 years ago#26
$600 usually
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User Info: kill2this

3 years ago#27
My 770's the most I've spent so far on a GPU, I bought that while I was staying in the States for $400.

User Info: jrb363

3 years ago#28

Integrated FTW!!! :)
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User Info: Madridiq8e

3 years ago#29
I'll pay whatever I need to upgrade my PC don't have a limit... just bought GTX 780 a month ago

User Info: HaMMeRHeaD25

3 years ago#30
I used to buy in at the $200-$250 pricepoint, but recently I splurged for a $400 GTX770. While I can feel the power, not enough games make full use of it for it to be worth double at the moment
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