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ITT: Games that are totally overrated

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User Info: CC Ricers

CC Ricers
4 years ago#61
TheFeshPince posted...
CC Ricers posted...
Mass Effect 1. Great story and ambient soundtrack (so I'll be playing parts 2 and 3), but the gameplay elements felt unrefined. I think the developers were trying to get ambitious with the scope of the game, but fell short for either budget or technical reasons.

I couldn't disagree more with ME being ITT.

For me the reasons were the clumsy item management interface, loose Mako controls and the shooting works though isn't that great. Also, environment design is inconsistent. For every nice main quest location like the Citadel or Peak 15, places that set a really good ambience, you get sidequests in dull uninspired settings. I understand some planets are just a pile of rocks but even the ones that are supposed to be Earth-like are sterile and lacking in detail, made a chore to navigate with the Mako.

I like playing through Mass Effect, the story is interesting, the dialogue flows well and with top quality acting, but I felt some gameplay elements just seemed tacked on.
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User Info: JonWood007

4 years ago#62
Counter Strike. I can see why it was popular back in the late 90s / early 2000s, but nowadays, meh. It's an average game IMO. It seems built around repetition and has quirky mechanics IMO. Not a bad game....just, not the best thing since sliced bread.

League of Legends. While I can at least understand SOME of the appeal for CS, LoL is just...garbage. The community is awful, the game play is average at best, and I don't like the idea of punishing people for having to leave. I mean, to get a "leaver" penalty for leaving 2 games, ever? Seriously? People sometimes have things to do that are not gaming.

Dota 2. Ditto, except not as crappy as LoL.

Half Life series. While good, they're not mind blowing to me. I mean, sure, they mightve been better than other games at the time, but by today's standards...meh.

Crysis 1. Yes, it's a very shiny game that was WAY ahead of its time. However, if it didn't have good graphics, would it even be that memorable? I doubt it. The game is kind of a glorified benchmark with mediocre game play. I did like Crysis 2 better though.

Left 4 Dead. Average zombie game. Not very fun unless you play with friends. Playing with bots is boring and playing with randoms is infuriating.

Bioshock 1. Good game, just not an amazing game to me.

Call of Duty. Both overrated and underrated. Some people think it's the greatest thing on the planet. No, it's not. Some think it's a pile of crap. No, it's not. The truth is somewhere in between. It's a fun series that's good for what it does, but is rather stale, and has turned into a money grab. That's all.

MMOs in general. I just don't get them. I find them boring, generic, and to me scream low quality and mediocre game play.
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User Info: Shebeskii

4 years ago#63
Mackorov posted...
anonymous4ever posted...
Mackorov posted...
Starting first with Batman Arkham Asylum/City.

Easily two of the best games I've played in recent years. "Overrated" is definitely not a term I would use when describing them.

Well, that's what I don't get about the Arkham games. The games are good as Batman games, that I agree, but to put it up as GOTY quality or whatever is plain overhype. For one, the gameplay is really mediocre at best and the most praised aspect, the very simple fighting mechanics, is really nothing spectacular to me.
I've played other games like Sleeping Dogs and the Amazing Spiderman and the fighting mechanics in those games are way better than Batman's and despite lacking a little in the fluidity, at least the fighting is more than just stupid kicks and punches.

Then there's the cheesy dialogue that looked plucked straight from in a kids cartoon show and the storyline is too predictable. Nearly everything praised about the games I find nothing great about. How can reviews say Arkham City's open world is the best when there's practically nothing to do in it and everything is all plan repetition? If anything, Arkham City takes the cake for most overrated of overrated crap I've ever played.

The Batman series has much deeper fighting than Sleeping Dogs. I get the feeling you didn't "get" or comprehend the tutorials or mechanics at all. Batman isn't that deep, but Sleeping Dogs? What the ****?
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User Info: Shebeskii

4 years ago#64
blade6321 posted...
LostHisHardcore posted...
Bioshock Infinite

Pretty good review

A 4 ??? I thought this got a 9??? 'Sigh' Guess Tom likes indie games like 'braid' or 'super meat boy' more. But i have to say I loved this game - even more on my second play through in 1999 mode and clash in the cloud DLC gave you more of an idea how to play properly.

If tom doesn't like this then i don't see much hope in any other 1st person titles he plays.

These people literally think Bioshock infinite is the greatest FPS of all time.

SmoboHash posted...

Dota / LoL - nothing to do with personal skill

This is what casuals actually believe.

Dota and LoL are some of the most skillful games around. I find it amusing when someone tries to contest it. It's like a moron going on about evolution or genetics.
That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence. - Christopher Hitchens

User Info: McDood

4 years ago#65
Off the top of my head:

Every Valve game
Bioshock series
Mass Effect series
Call of Duty series (early ones suck as much as the later ones)
Assassin's Creed series
Battlefield series
Spec Ops: The Line
The Walking Dead

I've gotten burned on way too many dud games this gen.
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