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Steam and Uplay confusion

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User Info: kingoffps

3 years ago#1
Ok so I own the Uplay version of Far Cry 3 (got it free with my GPU). And it is tied to my Uplay account. I also own several Steam games, that require Uplay to work (AssCreeds mostly).

These games also show up when I load Uplay, and are under my Games list on Uplay.

Furthermore when I bought AC3 on Steam, it asked me to tie it to my Uplay account.

So I'm correct in thinking that these Steam games are also tied to the same Uplay account that my Far Cry 3 game (which is not Steam, but Uplay only) is?

So even though I own them on Steam, I must never lose my Uplay account or they will be unplayable?

Therefore buying on Steam is basically pointless as it is actually tied to my Uplay account? And there is no difference to buying a Uplay game, or a game on Steam that uses Uplay, the only difference being that it shows up in the Steam list as well.

In fact, owning it through Steam is probably more dangerous, as if I lose my Uplay account, I can never get another copy on Steam.
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User Info: Ch3wy

3 years ago#2
I might be wrong but I think that if you have the Steam version, it will patch via Steam.

Whereas the Uplay version doesn't patch until you try and launch the game.

Could be wrong here but I don't remember Far Cry 3 ever needing to patch when I launched it and I got it through Steam, whereas Blacklist that I got a Uplay key for has needed to patch when I launch it multiple times.
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