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What are your MOST memorable gaming moments EVER?

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  3. What are your MOST memorable gaming moments EVER?

User Info: ghostwarrior79

3 years ago#1

You can mention more than one if you like. anyways, mine are

1. I GOT MY FIRST TAC NUKE IN MW2! That was like 5 days ago ON MY B'day! I vow to always go back to mw2 and get a nuke on my bday and other days too!

2. 700+ kills and 81 deaths vs VETERAN bots on black ops 1. It was INSANE! I have proof....pic

3. I just came back from getting a quad nuke on MW2. That's a memory. I was loosing when I had a nuke on ffa underpass(map) and the score was tied to 2000 and I used the nuke! end result was = VICTORY! 1st place= me!

4. I played and completed DXHR for like 5 times! Even the Missing link.

5. It was christmas eve and i was playing splinter cell conviction in the middle of the night on infiltration mode and mozdok grounds.... It was insane, but I did it and fisnished infiltration on realistic (ALL MAPS)

6. I was the youngest TO finish FEAR 1 platinum! I finished vanilla fear in 3 days, the expansions were longer..... AGAIN, I DID IT! I didn't get scared ONE BIT! Maybe a lil.

BYE and that's it (I think). PLEASE, no insults and/or offensive posts here. THANKS and have fun, fun, FUN! Make sure you track the topic as well!

ADIOS! "friendly tactical nuke inbound!" BIG BADA BOOM!
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User Info: Lord_Cohliani

3 years ago#2
SteamID: Lord Cohliani

User Info: Dukaduka1k82

3 years ago#3
Fallout 1 & 2 - the games were just awesome.
Getting to Rapture in Bioshock 1 when it was first released.
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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

3 years ago#4
Red Ring
PGF Swipe
Guld with hit
getting 150 pokemon, with only bare minimum trading
Want that Shield!
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User Info: UltimateUmbreon

3 years ago#5
The first time my team won a round in Battlefield 2142 by ONE TICKET. I was commanding that round. Intense stuff.
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User Info: Myself9

3 years ago#6
...Beginning of Deus Ex

When I got to the top of the Statue of Liberty to free the hostages. Just for the hell of it, I shot at the cop instead of the terrorist. And he died. A SERIOUS WTF moment . Thus began my work with the resistance
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User Info: Boge

3 years ago#7
Not just talking PC here...

I remember the first time I played a Nintendo. My cousin bought one. I didn't even know it was available. I went to his house and watched him play Super Mario Bros. I went home and asked for one for Christmas, claiming,"You never get bored of it!"

I remember staying up all night watching that same cousin play Faery Tale Adventure on our Amiga. Just wandering around, he found a turtle shell, used it, and up comes this turtle for him to go riding through the water on! It was the awesomest thing ever.

I remember playing Summer Games I & II with my family on New Years eve on our Commodore 64.

I remember beating my brother badly in Baseball on the Atari 2600. He wasn't happy about it. I just kept hitting homer after homer.

I remember my cousin bringing over his Sega Genesis and showing me Sonic. Again, I didn't even know it existed. I was too caught up in our Commodore Amiga at the time. It was beautiful though, and I went and bought myself a system including sonic for $150 shortly after that. That's the day I became a true gamer. I'd played games my whole life before that, but I never really felt like I was a "gamer". I started buying all the magazines and reading up about stuff. Started buying games all the time from Babbages. Those were some good times.

I have too many memories...

Fast forward, I remember trying to network up some PC gaming with those old network cables that you had to have the terminators on the end. We played Doom and Rise of the Triad together.

I remember the first time I played Diablo. It was the demo. It was amazing. I remember the warriors voice saying,"The smell of death surrounds me." It was different than the release version.

I remember staying up to 6am playing Hidden & Dangerous with my friends. That was the most amazing coop experience I've ever had.

I remember wanting to play Rainbow Six Rogue Spear, but the power went out. So my cousin (same one) got a generator that we all hooked up to and played. yeah! It worked! The next day he said his computer wasn't working.

I remember waking up at 4am, not being able to sleep, so I logged on to World of Warcraft and started a new character to play with my cousin later that evening. I realized then that the game had a full 24 hour time cycle because it was just creeping up the sun rise while I was playing. It was awesome. I got all the way to 17 that day...played all day and hit 17 probably around midnight. That was the longest gaming session I've ever had.

I could go on forever, but I'll end there.
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User Info: TheFeshPince

3 years ago#8
I remember all the wasted hours on ME3 MP hammered drunk... or the time I got some experimental medicines and played BF3 MP for about 48 hours. I smelled pretty bad by the end of that. | |

User Info: JustPlainEvil

3 years ago#9
Beating Civ V on the hardest difficulty.
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User Info: overkillwfo1978

3 years ago#10
Spending an absolutely insane amount of quarters on fast Ms. Pac Man and Donkey Kong Jr. in the convenience store next to our house 83-84.

Dad buying me an Atari 2600 in 1984... coming home from school and seeing Pac-Man on the TV was amazing to 7 year old me.

First time seeing Super Mario Brothers in the arcade in 1986.

Speed runs on Metroid, Zelda, Zelda 2, Kid Icarus, Blaster Master and a lot of others back in the day.

Getting almost no sleep for two weeks playing Final Fantasy 2 when it came out for the SNES during X-mas break 1991.

Playing Super Mario 64 on LSD when it was released. (Don't judge. It was amazing)

Skies of Arcadia marathons with a friend of mine on the Dreamcast.

Buying my first HDTV and playing Gears of War on it in 2006.

Being ranked 400-ish out of 2 million+ players overall on Pac-Man DX on Xbox live.

Forza 3/4 online marathons.

Built first gaming PC 2011 (waaaaay late to the game on this one.) Playing all games @ 1080p/60fps w/ max settings on my living room 55" LED. Hard to go back to consoles at all now...
"If you can't beat them, arrange to have them beaten" -George Carlin
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