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Never played DMC...

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User Info: Chaos_Missile

3 years ago#11
DragonRaizen posted...
akuma634 posted...
I never got into the franchise, but DMC was the one game that worked for me. I've always been more of a God Of War kinda guy. The new game is still what you'd expect, lots of excessively long combos, sword attacks and the gun that oddly does little damage but helps to keep combos high, plenty of special combos and attacks, lots of stuff to unlock as you spend the points you earn, and all the other things the franchise is known for. The only real difference is that Dante is younger because it's a prequel so lots of fans got butthurt because they assumed it was a reboot and apparently having Dante have an even more youthful brash smartass attitude like Johnny Rotten makes him "emo."

Here we go again. First, not all complaints are about his design. The style system in particular has been turned into a joke.

Second, when the script of a character like Dante is reduced to who can say "**** you" the loudest, or Vergil's "I always got the bigger dick", that's when people start complaining about his attitude.
Dante was always a "youthful smartass". Only now he is not a smartass, he is a teenager trying hard to act like a jerk because apparently that's "cool"

Apparently, the game seems to also be FAR easier than the original games.

I was just looking at a video of the final boss fight vs Vergil the other day. When I played DMC3 SE many years ago on my laptop, the boss of mission 13 could kill me in maybe 2-3 hits, even at maxed health The final boss of DmC hit the player of the video SIX times and could barely bring Donte's health past 1/10 of the max
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