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~1000 dollar gaming build with no OS/HD/Monitor/Keyboard/Mouse?

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User Info: DiehardFFv2

3 years ago#21
Swapping out cards into your build just brings it even further under the mark. Since you seem to want to nitpick, TC could also just go with a 7970 as tried and true option while the only thing that separates the standard from the GHz edition is a mild overclock. Oh look, it comes with three games of your choosing out of a decent selection and still comes in at ~300. Anyone who fails to see that AMD has the best bang for the buck right now in the high end of the spectrum is either blind in their fanaticism or has more dollars than sense.
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User Info: Extreeeeeeme

3 years ago#22
wow what happened here

User Info: Links_Big_Key

3 years ago#23
2x 7950s = $420 ($380 after rebates) Includes your choice of 6 free games from Never Settle Gold Tier:

i5-4670K + mobo Combo= $372 ($362 after rebate)

CM Hyper 212 Plus= $27

2x 4GB RAM= $86

Antec High Current Gamer 750W PSU= $90

CM Storm Trooper Case= $150

Total: $1145 before rebates, $1095 after rebates

You could shave $50 off by choosing a $99 case and it is likely that the 7950s will drop a bit in price with the new line coming out, so you could hold off on Crossfiring for a month or two if needed. It just depends how much over a $1000 budget you can go.
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