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What is so bad about gaming on a laptop?

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User Info: blakegalloway

3 years ago#21
Hexen525 posted...
I run both. A pimp desktop and a gaming lappy. Sure, the desktop is FAR better than the lappy (latest and greatest parts and all). But my lappy has better parts and more performance than most people's desktops! Main issue is the lack of upgradability. Some parts can, but the 2 most important parts usually can not without MAJOR cash flow.

You CAN get a solid lappy for less than $2000. Then just enjoy it for 2-4 years. Save money on parts like RAM and HDD. Check the prices at Newegg before you spend your money on the order.

I like to use my lappy plugged into my 55" HDTV and a killer Razer X360 controller. Makes me feel like I am playing a console game...only better ^_^

Not sure what's worse: That your entire post sounds like BS or your use of lappy.
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User Info: reincarnator07

3 years ago#22
Nothing. The problem is many people are paying that extra money for the portability but not actually making use of it. It's throwing money away.
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User Info: occono

3 years ago#23
I move between campus and home every week.

If I didn't need a laptop I'd just buy a console not a PC.

Incidentally in Ireland it's the only option I see. Premade desktops are not sold much as they're unpopular as a whole, the only premade gaming ones are €1500+ Alienwares.

As for building them, the only Irish site......also comes to about €1500 for the parts. It's a scammy overpriced site but they're the only option there.

My laptop was cheaper than any desktop option, just cause of volume/sales and such.....

Anyway, I got a 7670m with an i5-3210m laptop for €550. It suits me just fine. I know it won't play PS4-quality games, but for now I've had no trouble.

User Info: ZeroRaider

3 years ago#24
jakisthe posted...
Much less powerful
More prone to breakage
Dilutes the point of a laptop, ie, mobility

All that said, I manage to max pretty much everything on a 3 year old laptop, so the idea of "huuur no gaming laptop!" is kinda..yeah. It's just that in most cases...why not get a desktop?

To that I say

1) Still more powerful than the peasantboxes. A GTX 780M has 2.4 TFLOPs of power vs. a PS4 with 1.8 TFLOPs. A modern gaming laptop is at least twice as powerful as an Xbone and 20% of the size.
2) Only if you're dumb and you drop it.
3) This is only true if you're a hungry skeleton. I actually have some muscles and as such carting a 7 lb laptop around all day isn't a big deal for me. Try going to the gym sometimes.

I find the people who hurr over gaming laptops to be as ill-informed as console peasants. A gaming laptop is a solid choice for anyone who travels a lot or spends a lot of time outside of mom's basement.

blakegalloway posted...
mizukage2 posted...
blakegalloway posted...
I have never liked gaming with a touchpad. The smaller keyboard doesn't help either. A portable wireless mouse helps, but it defeats the purpose of mobility.

Contrary to the name, you don't have to put the laptop on top of your lap for it to count as being mobile. It is mobile in that it is quick and easy to pick it up and take it with you when you go somewhere else as opposed to being practically anchored one spot like a desktop.

Very astute observation. But when you get into the discussion of desktop replacement notebook versus a truly "mobile" option is when it gets fuzzy. Yeah you can have all your peripherals and dongles waiting for you when you get home, but I think this discussion pertains more to actually playing a game somewhere besides the desk in your home office. Just because it's easier to lug to your friend's house for a LAN party doesn't mean it's truly mobile when you have to drag your accessories with you.

Who carries their laptops outside of a laptop bag? If you aren't using a laptop bag you're doing it wrong. Keeping a wireless mouse in one of the laptop bag's compartments is no biggie.

User Info: jakisthe

3 years ago#25
...did you read what I said? I said that gaming laptops WERE a thing, and anyone who dismisses them outright is a fool. As for the specific points:

-true, but you'll never see those kind of comparisons here
-no, the parts being cramped together means they're more likely to overheat
-yeah, it's a small thing, but I've seen a lot of people argue that there's no point to a gaming laptop because of exactly that
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User Info: PraetorXyn

3 years ago#26
I have to use one as I'm temporarily relocating every 3 months or so.
They get hot.
They're VERY loud when gaming.
The screens are too small (even with a 17.3" like I have)
Gaming on battery doesn't even work. I was really freaked out thinking my laptop couldn't handle Bioshock infinite, then I plugged it in and it ran just fine.
They're heavy enough that mobility doesn't even factor in.
The cost is astronomical for really crappy performance.
The only proper way to use one for gaming is sitting at a desk with a mouse anyway, so you'd oftentimes be much better off with a mini-ITX build if you have access to a keyboard and monitor.
Laptop keyboards are all crappy. Yes, even Apple ones. Most desktop keyboards are crap as well though.

Only real justification for having one is gaming at work or something.
I'm visually impared and can't drive, so I fly everywhere. If I could drive, I'd just take a mini-ITX build and a 24" monitor when I travel, then leave that setup at the hotel or apartment because I don't game at work.
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User Info: GhettoLogistics

3 years ago#27
Because they don't like them and just like everybody else on this planet think that their opinion is the one that matters.

User Info: GeminiX7

3 years ago#28
For me, a gaming laptop is ideal. Hell, this laptop I'm using now(Dell Precision M6400 with some switched out parts to make it less anti-gaming) is far from top tier, but it still gives me my PC gaming fix.

In general, the PC community, from what I've seen, is a bit "elitist" (I hate that term, but it definitely applies in this case) and extremely hostile to any setups or preferences that aren't completely ideal. Unless you are playing games on Ultra High settings on your rig for the next five years, or using a machine that you completely built yourself, you might as well be playing with sticks and leaves and your own feces.
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