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RE6 worth it?

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User Info: calcycle

4 years ago#31
kingoffps posted...
Freelance_Wolf posted...
Too bad. You didn't give it a chance, basically. The first part of Leon's campaign starts out slow, but it gets a lot better later. You probably stopped before it got interesting.

I thought Okami started off really, really slow, almost boring even. But I continued playing and it got really epic later on. I'm happy I didn't give up on it.

Ok man. I'll give it another chance and carry on tomorrow. As long as your *promise* me that it really does get better, I will believe in you.

remember to use the melee system to make it more fun, just shooting zombies isn't as good or fun. When you shoot them in the head, do you see them stagger backwards? when they do that, you can run up to them and perform a melee combo that will kill it and knock down anyone near you. Also, when they are on the ground your stomp move may not always kill them in one hit. (unless you aim the stomp for their head) Instead, as Leon, take out your knife and perform the move, it will be an instant kill.
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User Info: KOTRwhoops

4 years ago#32
No, at any price it is not worth the time you would spend playing it. Poor game and a an abomination of a Resident Evil game.
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