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What's this boards general opinion on Saints Row 4?

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User Info: DV8ingSources

3 years ago#21
Paid full price. Don't regret it.

Shares a lot with SR3 but felt fresh enough to me. I didn't play the dlc in 3 though so that could be partly why. I loved crackdown on the 360 and the fact that this has a similar orb collecting mechanic made my day. There is a ton of references to older characters in the series including SR1 and the story missions were for the most part worth the price of admission.

It's goofy fun with very little challenge. Not much more to say. If you like collecting things, beating the living !@%& out of everything with superpowers, and enjoy pop culture references galore, you should find this enjoyable.

The next saints row game will need to do a lot more though. This was a full priced expansion and while I feel the price was fine for all the content you get, it did reuse an awful lot from the previous games.
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User Info: cody4783

3 years ago#22
Rome218 posted...
I want to say I disagree with you. This is not an expansion of a full retail game, it feels much larger and is the best super powers sandbox out there in my opinion.

The only issue with that is that, this is a case where it *actually* is something that started off as an Expansion, and eventually crossed a threshold where they determined they *could* sell it as a full priced new game. I don't argue it did pass that point and is fair to be considered a new title, but you can't deny it does use a HUGE amount of the same assets.

It's one case where I do have to tip my hat to GTA for one thing---When they reuse or revisit an older map/cityscape (Ie, going and making Liberty City Stories, or Vice City Stories), they waited QUITE awhile before coming full circle, thereby both playing a bit into nostalgia *and* making it so they didn't release back-to-back games that used the same engine and many of the same assets to form the same city again.


3 years ago#23
DerPancake posted...
Fun for 1 hour, boring after that.

I have to agree with this. Especially if you have played through the previous saints row.
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User Info: HighOnPhazon

3 years ago#24
I got it for free. Its Crackdown basically, but funny.
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User Info: Featherwind

3 years ago#25
It's one the worst games I've played. It's Far Cry 3 second island level of unenjoyability.

It's full of shooter filler but all this is extremly dull since the AI is so incapable of doing anything to you. There is no tactical or satisfying way to use your powers - you can pop them if you want to kill the group of helpless grunts slightly faster but that's it really. You just mow down the same alien grunts for hours while listening to the "witty" banter that gets annoying really fast. None of the minigames really have any meaningful gameplay either as they are all very easy.

The story is terrible. The game tries to make fun of some other video game conventions and "tropes". Really it's one of the "cheapest" stories I've seen and it's clear they were very desperate to make it a full length game. There is a 15+ minute mission that tries to make fun of MGS for example but the joke is on this game because it's a very dull interactive movie mission with a boss that is broken and constantly shoots at wall. It's like Batman & Robin: The Game - I get that it's supposed to be over the top, jokey and so on but it's just annoying and unenjoyable.

It's also one of the worst looking games ever made. It's full of absolutely hideous effects as if the city wasn't already mediocre. The lightning, the annoying bright effect that covers up the whole screen whenever you pick up a cluster etc.

Recycling things was a great idea (or would have been if the city and mechanics weren't so poor to begin with). I don't mind the less realistic/Matrix approach either but it alone doesn't justify this game. Not even close. You can fully experience this game by looking at a screenshot of it and imagining the scenario of a president fighting vs. aliens. The chances are your scenario is cooler and you've just saved yourself 6-8 hours of shooter & shallow minigame filler.

User Info: The_AntiGrim

3 years ago#26
Featherwind posted...
It's one the worst games I've played. It's Far Cry 3 second island level of unenjoyability

I enjoyed everything about Far Cry 3. Even the second Island =(
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User Info: Cool_Dude667

3 years ago#27
I just picked it up just now for 40 bucks over at gamefly (steam code) and I am downloading it now.

Im going to be playing it with a buddy so I know I will have a fun time, just like SR2/3.
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User Info: 1618dude

3 years ago#28
I enjoyed quite a lot. Pretty fun game. Don't regret the purchase. I have many problems with the game, but I had a good time playing it.
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