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Discussion: First Bay Trail Tablets hitting Oct 18th

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User Info: VashX

4 years ago#1

The new Bay Trail Tablets are coming on October 18th and I for one have been very excited for these. The downside however, is that I am not seeing the $199.99 price tag that they were boasting about when they starting talking about the new processor nearly a year ago. Despite that, the price remains fairly low for something that can do so much. This latest article caught my eye though, because it appears that the super low powered Bay Trail is about on par with the i5 that currents powers the original Surface Pro. They also have the Intel HD 4000 which means that the tablet is capable of playing a large range of games out there. I for one have had luck running Star Craft II on just the Intel HD 3000, so this is big news to me.

This caught my eye in the article I linked:

"While a Clover Trail-based Acer Iconia W510 scored just 2,445 in this test at a resolution of 1,360 x 766, the Bay Trail reference tablet scored 16,079 at the same res.

Moving the resolution up to 1080p, the native resolution of the reference tablet, Bay Trail yielded 14,174 in Ice Storm. For context, that's not far off half the score of the full-fat laptop-class chip inside the current Microsoft Surface Pro -- a chip that burns a lot more power the power of Bay Trail and doesn't last nearly as long on a charge."

I for one am excited and I have my eye on the new Acer Iconia W4 that was recently spotted. The idea of having a full windows tablet that I, personally, can use to work on music on the fly as well as game on is very appealing. Even a netbook version of this for the wife seems like it's going to certainly make it's way into my house hold.

Anyone else excited about this? Not excited? Does a low power processor not appeal to many or does the idea of a super cheap, super low power processor sound appealing?

For me, I am going to have a tablet running this one way or another. Likely a netbook as well as a new home Ubuntu based - Bay Trail Powered - media server is likely on the horizon.

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