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When you see a review, what is the lowest score you'll accept and still play?

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  3. When you see a review, what is the lowest score you'll accept and still play?

User Info: Garhinder

4 years ago#11
I can't take reviews seriously, not from the "professional" sites. I either check out a video, or already know enough of the game to know if I should consider getting it or not.

User Info: arleas

4 years ago#12
I tend to read the top and bottom reviews (if I can see them all in one place especially) so that I can get a better idea of what the game is REALLY like.

Too many people give glowing reviews to crap and too many people give crappy reviews to otherwise decent games, or they give a good game a bad review because of a flaw that existed for only a month before a patch.

Occasionally I'll buy a game even though it reviewed poorly (usually because it went on sale) and occasionally I'm surprised to find the game isn't as bad as the reviews would have me believe.

User Info: d209999

4 years ago#13
A 7 for me if it's a game I've been looking forward to.

At 6, I start getting concerned.
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User Info: Freelance_Wolf

4 years ago#14
1. Some of my favourite games had gotten really low scores. I form my own opinions. Scores are ultimately meaningless.
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User Info: wdfoster

4 years ago#15
I honestly try and stay away from reviewers who use a scoring system. I watch Eldergeekdotcon reviews who go with a "woth buying, worth trying, or don't bother" system. Or i watch classic gameroom reviews who basically just talks about the game, and shows nothing but his own gameplay footage.

I have come to distrust the scoring system. Over the years, there have been a TON of 9/10 games that I did not enjoy playing. So i stay away from that stuff. I usually know if i want to buy a game by watching a lets play or two.
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User Info: 60fps

4 years ago#16
No opinion should be greater than your own.

I don't care if a game is rated 1. If I play and have fun it's a 10. I enjoyed Duke Nukem Forever even after still owning the original DN3D still in it's CD jewel case. I didn't care for the racing elements, but I still love the shrinking mission in the Duke Burger place. People hate EA games and I love them. People hate Call of Duty and I still play Modern Warfare 2. People love Stalker and I thought it had the worst AI I ever encountered in my life. Nobody should be putting any opinion above their own experience.

Reviewers are just like televangelist for multimedia.
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User Info: jake-sf

4 years ago#17
Yes yes yes, no opinions should be greater than your own, that is sound advice I'm sure, except its not.

I HAVE to buy a game to make my opinion (legally, anyway). Which means the entire thing about that is IRRELEVANT.

You HAVE, as a smart consumer, you HAVE to look around and make your mind if its worth it or not. And you have to make a decision based on what you see.

Personally, this is a multi-stage process. I look at reviews and ratings, sure. Obviously a game with a lot of 3/10 or lower, there is a REASON. WHY does it have those? That is what you seek before making any judgment. You need to understand why those ratings exist.

However for games, there is one thing I rely much more heavily on, and that is watching videos. Not "professionally edited trailers" or whatever. Real people playing the game normally. With that AND reading reviews, both good and bad, can get you a pretty damn good grasp of what the game is and if its worth it to spend any money.

In short:

Watch videos.

Understand why games have ratings, don't just judge the ratings directly.

And then make smart decisions as a smart consumer.

User Info: Yams

4 years ago#18
It really, really depends on the game.

Some genres, like SRPGs, are ones I'll think about trying even if it gets a very low score. And if it's by a developer I really like, I'd be more tempted to try it as well. Friends recommend it? There's another step towards thinking about it.

But I guess 5 or 6 is the absolute lowest. I'd try to stay away even from tempting titles if it goes below that line.

User Info: Marioface5

4 years ago#19
Review scores are a joke. I tend to stick with reviews from RPS (which don't give scores) and Youtube videos from people who are actually playing the game when I want to find out if something is worth buying or not.
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User Info: Hi C

Hi C
4 years ago#20
Number and Letter scores are antiquated and obsolete relics of the industry.

They and Metacritic need to be boxed up and thrown off a cliff.
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  3. When you see a review, what is the lowest score you'll accept and still play?

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