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What game genre can you just not enjoy no matter how good the game is?

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  3. What game genre can you just not enjoy no matter how good the game is?

User Info: Bacca7

3 years ago#91
i struggle with FPS's some are decent, but the COD/BF ones are not my cup of tea. the only FPS i have really enjoyed at all is the borderlands series...

User Info: reincarnator07

3 years ago#92
Sports games.
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User Info: MarceloSampaio

3 years ago#93
Sports. Any kind of sports game bugs me to no end...
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User Info: Bellum_Sacrum

3 years ago#94
lebronwadebosh posted...
saw this topic on the front page.

i'm a console gamer(PS3) but i just can't get into ANY jrpgs.. tried one like FFVI, got bored in 20 mins..
although i did enjoy only a few(like 5 or 6 jrpgs)... but it's different with WRPGs .. i totally played the s*** out of Skyrim and Mass Effect 3.

Oh great, casuals think that sandboxes and tactical shooters are now RPG games.
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User Info: RolloverBouncin

3 years ago#95
95% of single player third person genre, certain exception is dragon age origin and skyrim. I guess it would have to be an exceptional game for me to even last an hour playing it.
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User Info: unikat

3 years ago#96
Only games I can't get into are MMOs, as soon as I MUST do something with a party I lose interest in playing.

And I guess racing simulations, which try to be too realistic, like TOCA and it's sequels, I loved Gran Turismo 1 & 2 tho, CMR2.0 (didn't like 3.0) and Dirt(s).

User Info: eternalblue02

3 years ago#97
Sports games

User Info: Lightborne

3 years ago#98
Boge posted...
I cannot get into first person shooters no matter what. The highest rated first person shooters, I might rate them a 7/10. I just cannot find them entertaining at all these days. I used to love them, Wolfenstien 3D, Doom, Dark Forces, Outlaws. Nowadays, they just all seem the same. Just follow the waypoint and kill anything that moves.

So what genre to you dislike?

Same here and gang crime games or post apocolyptic unless its more sci fi, even most tps I cand stand.

I'm also sick if racing, sports, platforming like mario and turn based rpgs, espicially jrpgs.

User Info: bfpain

3 years ago#99
Realtime strategy games. I've tried to get into them countless times, but I've never completed story mode in one yet, outside of watching a friend complete the original Warcraft, and I can't stand RTS multiplayer. This goes for DOTA and it's clones as well.
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User Info: DEMONPANDA212

3 years ago#100
Free to play and pay 2 win.

Plants VS Zombies was amazing, 2 is dead to me.
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