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Any way to tell what's crashing my PC?

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User Info: BaeI

3 years ago#1
Alright, I built this PC two months ago and right now I'm having this problem where it crashes without a BSOD, or with BSOD, or just completely shuts off and won't turn on unless I turn the PSU off then back on. I've also been having problem where Nvidia driver 327.23 stops responding and then recovers or something like that.

Both of those situations tend to be completely random. Though I've noticed it usually happens when a new window's opening, and the Nvidia driver just crashes on its own when I'm playing a game or watching a video sometimes. It's never happened on idle before though.

Temps are usually around 30 on idle, usually stays below 50 when I'm playing games. I don't think cooling's really a problem.

CPU: Intel Core i5-4670K @3.4GHz, haven't really gone through OC'ing
CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-D14
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z87X-D3H ATX LGA1150
Memory: Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory
Storage: Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive
Video Card: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 760 2GB
Power Supply: LEPA G 650W 80 PLUS Gold Certified ATX12V / EPS12V Power Supply

Any help or suggestion would be appreciated, thanks. It's my first build so don't eat me.

User Info: Ep1taph303

3 years ago#2
Look at event viewer logs
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User Info: Treason686

3 years ago#3
Would you think that it's video related? :P

Stress test. Try Furmark for a while, and watch out for visual artifacts.

Since you're getting BSODs, minidump files can be analyzed to see where the crashes are coming from. If they're consistently coming from the video, there are two possibilities:
1. Video card is bad (likely)
2. Video drivers are causing crashes.

For the sake of completionism, make sure all drivers are updated, including motherboard chipset drivers, and possibly even the motherboard BIOS.
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User Info: Treason686

3 years ago#4
You can use this tool to help analyze the crash dump files.
PC: Core i7 920 || 6GB DDR3 || GTX 660 Ti || HP w2408h

User Info: BaeI

3 years ago#5
Well the BSODs look like they're mainly resulting from these. It does look gpu related, but I'm not sure what to make of these other than that. I'll check my drivers and do a stress test next, then. Though can the video card really cause the entire pc to power off without warning? I thought that part might be related to the power supply.

dxgkrnl.sys dxgkrnl.sys+5d140 fffff880`072f5000 fffff880`073e9000 0x000f4000 0x51fa153d 8/1/2013 3:58:53 AM Microsoft® Windows® Operating System DirectX Graphics Kernel 6.1.7601.18228 (win7sp1_gdr.130731-2222) Microsoft Corporation C:\Windows\system32\drivers\dxgkrnl.sys

dxgmms1.sys dxgmms1.sys+37f3c fffff880`07200000 fffff880`07246000 0x00046000 0x5164dc13 4/9/2013 11:27:15 PM Microsoft® Windows® Operating System DirectX Graphics MMS 6.1.7601.18126 (win7sp1_gdr.130409-1534) Microsoft Corporation C:\Windows\system32\drivers\dxgmms1.sys

nvlddmkm.sys nvlddmkm.sys+8f0f50 fffff880`076e8000 fffff880`081df000 0x00af7000 0x52314e10 9/12/2013 1:16:00 AM NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, Version 327.23 NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, Version 327.23 NVIDIA Corporation C:\Windows\system32\drivers\nvlddmkm.sys

This one also shows up separate from the others

ntoskrnl.exe ntoskrnl.exe+f20d4 fffff800`03259000 fffff800`0383e000 0x005e5000 0x521ea035 8/28/2013 9:13:25 PM Microsoft® Windows® Operating System NT Kernel & System 6.1.7601.18247 (win7sp1_gdr.130828-1532) Microsoft Corporation C:\Windows\system32\ntoskrnl.exe

User Info: megamanfreakXD

3 years ago#6
uninstall your drivers using drivesweeper and reinstall it from the manufacturer's website (nvidia or AMD).
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User Info: BaeI

3 years ago#7
In Driver Sweeper, should I be clearing out the Nvidia Chipset, Display, and Physx?

User Info: The Hulkster II

The Hulkster II
3 years ago#8
probably a dying graphics card.

I recommend trying a benchmark such as 3d mark of Heaven or OC Scanner X and run it on a loop. If it crashes or freezes its probably a bad graphics card. Call the manufacturer or email them and RMA it
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User Info: BaeI

3 years ago#9
Wiped the Nvidia display and physx drivers, reinstalled the new ones. Tried using Furmark.

Right when I hit start, PC just shuts down. Nothing was even rendered on the screen. Couldn't turn PC on until I flicked the psu off, then on again.

Also now the Aero theme is disabled and the option to enable it is grayed out for some reason.

User Info: BaeI

3 years ago#10
Bumping. Would like to know if it might possibly be both the gpu and the psu at fault here. I can actually still run games and play but they do still end up with the same outcome.

Would switching to the integrated graphics be a way to test if my gpu is defective? I'll end up switching out parts anyway but I'm not quite sure what happened with furmark.
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