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Why does my computer keep freezing when playing RE5?

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  3. Why does my computer keep freezing when playing RE5?

User Info: snkboi

3 years ago#11
your laptop is overheating when playing that game..just to make sure it's not overheating in general download 3dmark and resident evil 6 benchmark tool and run on the highest
i think it's nice

User Info: Snadados

3 years ago#12
That game is bad and you should feel bad for supporting it in any form.
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User Info: PhilBrooksTNF

3 years ago#13
Rhyten posted...
DirectX 10 version crashes if you installed a particular windows update.

Even with BioShock 2? The Steam version.

User Info: Rhyten

3 years ago#14
That affected most Directx 10 games, so if that game has it and you're using it, it's possible. Try running them in DX 9.
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User Info: PhilBrooksTNF

3 years ago#15
Ok I just checked and BioShock 2 has Direct X 10

User Info: TheWayOfTheGun

3 years ago#16
Side note, has anyone been able to get the ENB mod to work on the Steam version? It worked fine on my old physical copy but I lost that a couple years ago and I wanted to replay it.

When I install the mod and load up the DX9 version to run it the thing crashes.
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  3. Why does my computer keep freezing when playing RE5?

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