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The mouse is more important than the keyboard for gaming.

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User Info: MrMonkhouse

3 years ago#1
I was in Cal-M for CS back in 2004 and I was using a cheap $5 keyboard and a MS Intellimouse 3.0 and got through with that. But my K/D's been going up ever since I upgraded to a G400. I'm still using the same $5 keyboard.

User Info: TimePharaoh

3 years ago#2
Compelling tale, brother.
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User Info: ZeraphLordS

3 years ago#3
IME sensor is superior to the old G400. G400s and newer G400s removed prediction, and has higher max speed.

Unless you're using rather low sens, it isn't your mouse that improved your scores.
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User Info: YoungAdultLink

3 years ago#4
That doesn't mean that the mouse is more important than the keyboard for gaming. It means that you were bad at shooters using a perfectly good optical mouse and you like your new mouse better.

As for quality, a mouse, even if they're digital nowadays, behaves like an analog input because you can move it in all these different ways. A key on a keyboard is either no or off, and it either works or doesn't. With a mouse, you have to consider sensitivity, how it reacts to various surfaces, and how accurately it interprets the movements. All you have to worry about with a keyboard is how many keys you're allowed to push at the same time.
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steamid: Rohchya


3 years ago#5
I do tend to agree. For me , the only reason to go for a fancy keyboard, past some necessities like 4+ key rollover, is that they are nice to type on. For gaming, it feels like the mouse is actually more important. Though I guess you can argue there are some exceptions. I guess people into competitive RTS might argue that their keyboard is more important for their performance.
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User Info: schadow

3 years ago#6
My friend has been using an ancient, ugly, uncomfortable, cheap Logitech mouse for ages, when he plays CS, and he's waaaay above average. The mouse is only as good as the person using it.
MageofBlood391 posted...
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User Info: Judgmenl

3 years ago#7
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  3. The mouse is more important than the keyboard for gaming.

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