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Well, spilled water on my keyboard

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User Info: googs19

4 years ago#21
30aught6 posted...
I guess you can't touch type? Find the home row with F-J.
That's the only reason the have a blacklit board; it's purely aesthetics.

Real men type on blank PBTs'

Touch typing with a keyboard is easy. However, when I am playing games my fingers are rarely on the F and J keys. Having the backlight makes finding the right keys a lot faster.


4 years ago#22
I personally prefer a contrasting color legend on my keycaps. Easier on the eyes, and actually easier to locate a key except for in complete darkness.

About the blank keycaps. There seem to be no markings for F and J, but I had a set of keycaps almost exactly the same, and instead, I think the F and J are more "cupped" and actually easy to locate. Though you can not really see it on that picture.
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