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Power supply for laptop

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User Info: kalakdrin

3 years ago#1
My coworker has a laptop that only works when he jiggles the power cord so it's plugged in just right. Can anyone recommend a power supply for a laptop? Is it even feasible to change out the power supply in a laptop?

User Info: ShuraYukihime

3 years ago#2
This may be a silly question but wouldn't the brick in the cord to the laptop be the power supply?
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User Info: kyler45

3 years ago#3
ShuraYukihime posted...
This may be a silly question but wouldn't the brick in the cord to the laptop be the power supply?

I believe you're referring to the transformer (Maybe? Not too sure haha!)
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User Info: Xeno_Predator

3 years ago#4
Technically regardless of desktop or laptop the "brick" is so heavy because it's a transformer. The name used in its place is power supply unit; the unit supplies power to the system after being converted from a wall socket. It doesn't create power and supply it.
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User Info: El Magnifico

El Magnifico
3 years ago#5
If he needs to jiggle the power cable to get it to work, then the problem is most likely with a loose power connector on the laptop. Unfortunately, there's no fix for that except to replace the motherboard.

User Info: kalakdrin

3 years ago#6
That answers my question. Thanks!

User Info: Shub

3 years ago#7
Yes, the brick outside of the laptop is the power supply. Chances are the problem is with the plug inside the laptop, though, not the power supply or the cable between the power supply and the laptop.
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User Info: randy_123r

3 years ago#8
Yeah I have the same exact issue with my laptop. The only way to fix it is to fix the socket somehow. I just learn to live with it.
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User Info: 2Dhas_a_MIGRANE

3 years ago#9
Sometimes you can replace just the socket and not the whole motherboard. You'd have to do some soldering though.
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