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Good USB controllers?

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User Info: Aiphrem

3 years ago#1
I wanna get a USB controller my PC, since there are a lot of games that suck with keyboard controls (Been playing Dust, I'm much rather be playing this with a controller...). What are some good PC controllers you would recommend? I was thinking of getting the official Xbox 360 controller for the PC, but if there are some cheaper, maybe bettter ones I'd like to hear about them.
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User Info: este914

3 years ago#2
Works well.
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User Info: fatboy44

3 years ago#3
I would definitely go with an X360 controller.

User Info: Ch3wy

3 years ago#4
Definitely go with the Xbox 360 controller.

The wired version does not have to be "For Windows" FYI. The regular wired 360 controllers are the exact same thing.
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User Info: CC Ricers

CC Ricers
3 years ago#5
I also got the wired 360 controller. It's cheap and games made for it recognize it instantly.
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User Info: kjellboy

3 years ago#6
Get Xbox 360 controller. For comfortable controller and native compatibility with most games,
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User Info: 30aught6

3 years ago#7
Yeah, can't go wrong with the 360 for newer games. I hate the sticks / buttons so I replaced mine with some metal ones from Modsticks.

I use retro-usb game pads for older games (emulation; I'm a pirate).
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User Info: Sergei_Dukanov

3 years ago#8
It pains me to say this, but go to walmart and pick up a 360 wired controller for $29.99.... the only thing I go there for is this.
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User Info: Marioface5

3 years ago#9
The Logitech F510 is fantastic, but it's been discontinued for no apparent reason. The Logitech F310 should also be great, but it doesn't have rumble if I remember correctly.
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User Info: r0ge00

3 years ago#10
There's also the F310.
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