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Is ecollege PC still good? Also can someone recommend a $400-500 rig

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  3. Is ecollege PC still good? Also can someone recommend a $400-500 rig

User Info: SuddenEmotion

4 years ago#1
Long story short i will be getting a PC for my brother for gaming. Now i have built PC's in the past and i already know the best bang for your buck is building it your self but i dont have the time or patience this year to do it, its a gift and just remember ecollege pc was the next best thing.

Things i dont need.


Basically just need the tower its self would like any suggestions or if any other site's have reasonable complete rigs at this price

I know this wont be a top tier gaming rig or anything but he mostly plays league of legends anyway lol.

Trust me anything will be a great upgrade hes still "gaming" on my old P4 2.8ghz 6800GT >_>
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User Info: TimePharaoh

4 years ago#2
Might as well just burn the money if it's going to be used for League of Legends, it would be both more entertainment as well as a better investment
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User Info: PhilOnDez

4 years ago#4

Something like that should do great for LoL (and minecraft if he's into that). It still has plenty of budget left over though so if his interests are more varied an FX6300 would be a better processor, though you'd have to swap out the mobo as well and probably add a cooler since apparently the AMD one is all kinds of awful while intel's is passable.

I didn't pick out a case since that's all up to taste or include an optical drive. Other than that it's a complete build. If he isn't playing at 1080 then he'd be fine with just a standard 650ti over the boost but I doubt you'll find a better deal than that boost. A 7850 would be comparable if you'd rather go AMD but again, great deal on that boost.
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User Info: Jocko

4 years ago#5
Yes ecollegepc is the best site for prebuilts. However they really overcharge for their graphics cards so I would highly recommend that that is the only part you buy separately and install yourself. I know you said you dont have a lot of time and patients and I get that but it should be quick and easy and you'd get a much better deal.
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  3. Is ecollege PC still good? Also can someone recommend a $400-500 rig

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