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Why did they even add that "start button" in Windows 8.1???

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  3. Why did they even add that "start button" in Windows 8.1???

User Info: Shub

4 years ago#31
KaiRyusaki posted...
Sorry, didnt update to 8.1 so I didnt know this yet.
So I'm assuming you can just Ctrl+X, S, S if you wanted to shutdown without a mouse

It's actually WinKey+X, then U, then U if you want to shut down.
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User Info: Orestes417

4 years ago#32
Ravlin posted...
voldothegr8 posted...
What's wrong with giving people choices? I don't like how MS basically says "we're changing it and you will like it." I understand their stance, touch is the future, but until that's a complete reality why do they have to be so damn stubborn and not give users the option to have a classic start menu? What harm does it do? It's especially stupid for them to not add it when there are so many free programs out there that remedy the problem.

It's no small matter either, Lenovo is putting their own start menu on all future W8 machines because they're tired of all the customer b****ing MS has caused them. That to me speaks volumes on what a stupid decision it was to remove it.

I imagine that if the outcry was large enough and there were no alternatives then Microsoft would have been forced to make the old start menu an option. But now there are so many options that they can simply point to them and say those who want one can get one anytime.

Sure, Lenovo added a start menu. Did you notice that they're not going with a completely free one but one with an app store built in? The Pokki option is all about selling folks apps. No doubt Lenovo is getting paid per Pokki start menu installed or getting a kickback from the apps purchased via the Pokki Store.

Don't get wrong, I don't think it's bad for a company to make money but their decision wasn't made out of concern for their customers. It was just another opportunity to slide bloatware onto their computers.

Bingo. It's made by the same company that does the spyware that now infests parts of sourceforge. As for choices. they're terrible from a perspective of having to support the thing commercially. You need a consistent baseline
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  3. Why did they even add that "start button" in Windows 8.1???

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