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Display brightness

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User Info: maxfreak

4 years ago#1
Hey guys so I had a question concerning the brightness of my TV display. Right now im using my 32" lcd for pretty much everything consoles and my pc. But it doesnt have a DVI port and my GTX 460 only has HDMI mini out and no normal HDMI port. So since I already had a DVI to hdmi adapter laying around I decided to go ahead and use it. Well let me just say my display is pretty dark. I had to increase my brightness in Nvidias control panel to 75 from 50 to get it to look remotely normal. Even in my games sometimes the brightness adjustment in the Nvidia control panel is fine, other times I have to do some heavy adjusting in game which really makes the colors look washed out.

So my question is would I get better picture brightness if I just use a mini hdmi to hdmi cable since maybe the adapter could be screwing up the picture signal? Or is it something that you cant really control since Im using a TV instead of a monitor? Thanks. BTW I do plan to upgrade my GTX 460 to a AMD 7950 later on if that means anything. (Which has a normal HDMI port)
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User Info: greenyoshi46

4 years ago#2
Its digital so it should be the same i think
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