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Should games sometimes break 'realism' for laughs and a better experience?

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  3. Should games sometimes break 'realism' for laughs and a better experience?

User Info: Binba442

4 years ago#1
Battlefield 4 beta had a bug, where a boat would spawn in the streets, whenever this happened, the game became a lot more fun, people weren't shooting each other all the time, and were playing around on the boat. Tf2 has moments like this, where some people will just taunt each other while on the other team, making some funny and memorable moments.

Should this be kept in the game? (Albeit with a lower chance rate?)
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User Info: KaiRyusaki

4 years ago#2
games need more techno music

Spec Ops would've been better if it had robots and techno music

User Info: xanthan1

4 years ago#3
I'd take the Fallout NV approach to it, it only happens if you specifically enable the wacky stuff that doesn't fit.

User Info: Kosba_2142

4 years ago#4
Depends on the game. That situation you described is funny sure, but somebody out there really wanted a boat and it ended up being useless to them. I feel like in multiplayer games, the comedy should be left up to the players themselves and not the environment. I mean sure things like the elevator catapult are hilarious, so do it before its patched :3 besides, Battlefield 4 doesn't exactly scream realism.. it has plenty of things that (questionably) improve the experience such as regenerating health/ammo in vehicles, reviving people by hitting them with defibs, etc.
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User Info: Orestes417

4 years ago#5
Depends on the game, but in general no. Things that screw with the expected flow of the game should be kept to places dedicated to them. Especially in competitive multiplayer
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  3. Should games sometimes break 'realism' for laughs and a better experience?

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