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Why do developers blame piracy for low sales

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User Info: Flaktrooper123

4 years ago#51
Back to business. While piracy does reduce the number of sales, the amount lost is not as high as it seems. Not every single pirated copy equals to lost sales mind you. Many of these people won't even buy it even if there are no pirated copy available. I won't defend piracy of course, this is just economic point of view.

User Info: Slayn

4 years ago#52
Judgmenl posted...
KaiRyusaki posted...
It's cute how morons blames devs for piracy

stay in denial

If anything, it's piracy that has caused me to not buy video games anymore. I went from buying games, to only supporting F2P devs, to not playing video games anymore. Why? Because I haven't played a single game I've enjoyed in years. Not everyone does things for the same reason.

I don't support people who are only out there to make money. It's the same reason I don't like ads.

Something just doesn't add up here....
You can buy a $500 console and a $500 computer and have two crap machines, or you can spend $1000 building your own computer and have the best of both worlds.
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