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Good ultrabook?

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User Info: Auron_59261

3 years ago#21
I really liked my u310 when I had it. Granted I only paid $250 when I got it on clearance. It's a nice poor man's Macbook with similar specs, minus the purely flash based storage (it used a hybrid with an SSD for caching). Handled alot of my indie games and RTS on decent settings.

Their outlet also had a scratch and dent offer on the newer Windows 8 u310, which includes a touch screen if you're into that. I think it was only ~$50 more.

I switched over to a Macbook Air 13.3 2013 after the u310 was stolen and absolutely love the speed and build quality, not to mention the outstanding battery life. It's HD5000 handles games much better than the u310's HD4000k, which appeared to have some throttling issues. Neither should be considered if you have gaming in mind. For that I'd check into the Sager NP2740. It uses Intels new Iris chip and performs fairly well for intergrated.

TL;DR: The u310 is nice if you're on a budget, but I really like the MBA much more.
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User Info: iPWNtheNoobs

3 years ago#22
Kobe posted...
Probably will get flamed, but its the macbook air

People hate on Mac for there desktop but I believe sure, there laptops are overpriced but very good in quality.
Space Waster

User Info: self-immolation

3 years ago#23
macbook air is their best product from price to quality standpoint

definitely worth a consideration

User Info: Black_King945

3 years ago#24
I reinforce the macbook air opinion. I have used only windows machines for years and agree Apple desktops are a rip off, but the Air can't be beat in the sphere of ultrabooks.

13 hour battery life, weighs a pound, solid aluminum construction, 99% of Windows PCs are plastic garbage. OSx is maintenance free, and the navigation is amazing compared to the nightmare of Windows touchpad support.

If you can get the 13" for 999 like I did it will be a far better investment than ANY other competing Windows ultrabook at that price point.
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