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What would be a fair price for my computer?

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User Info: Panopictonguy

4 years ago#11
What about mine, I'm not talking budget value. I'm asking If I try to sell what's the most profit I can make before the layman starts to complain?
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User Info: urtv

4 years ago#12
overclock your can cause the price to go up if it has a nice oc


4 years ago#13
In all honesty 1800 is too much . Way too much. You can try and sell it but I doubt many people will be interested. For 1800 I could make a new build with an i5 4670k and a HD 7970 with all the bells and whistles with money to spare. That is what most people will be thinking.

The price in the link you provided is very misleading. The GPU is listed as $370 , but you can get a 7970 for $250 off newegg. That is the relevant price people are looking at when deciding whether your asking price is fair. That 10.000 rpm 300GB drive you have listed as $190 can be found for $110. No one pays close to $100 for an optical drive etc. The problem is that no one looks at the specs and thinks this is a $2000+ build. The performance on par with a build I would put together for $1000. I think you made some less than ideal decisions which led you to pay a relatively large price for your raw performance. Now that you resell the system you will find that there are not many others willing to do the same.

I often buy secondhand parts. My GPU, my processor, hell even my motherboard is secondhand. For me, and for most people buying something secondhand means that it can at most be 70% of the new price. And that is only when something is practically unused and there is still a receipt with warranty.
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User Info: Mytheos77

4 years ago#14
If you get 800 take it.
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